Monday, January 20, 2014

Introduction (READ FIRST)

Hi, my name's Mat.

I'm an animator, illustrator and storyboard artist, and part of my job involves using After Effects, Photoshop and Cinema4D.

I enjoy all of these programs, but I also recognise that none of them are perfect either (although Photoshop is pretty close).

This blog forms what is an open-aired discussion on what I would like to see improved in AfterEffects.

They're just my own thoughts, and I'll continue to add to them as I think of new suggestions, but these ideas are published here as a way for you to add to them yourself.

Agree? Disagree? Join the discussion.

Think of this as an online brainstorming session designed to help Adobe continue to improve the products we use.

Or... as simply a place to vent, and perhaps transform your frustrations into something positive.  But before we begin...

One simple rule for brainstormers:  

Only knock an idea down with a better idea. 

If you don't have a better idea, it's your responsibility to find one before you criticise someone else's.

Enjoy :) 

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